Reconnecting America People * Places * Possibility


Project Director and co-author 

Allison Brooks 

Lead Author 

Gloria Ohland 

Team Leaders 

Abby Thorne-Lyman and Elizabeth Wampler

Metrics Team 

Abby Thorne-Lyman, Elizabeth Wampler 

Jeff Wood, Bill Sadler and Sam Zimbabwe 

Support Team 

Sarah Kline, John hughes, Becky Sullivan 

John Robert Smith and Sasha Forbes 


Kateri Butler 


John Curry/Smartpill


Cole Gerst/option-g

This report was completed with the 

generous financial support 

from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), 

the Ford Foundation and the Surdna Foundation

A very special thanks 

for the time and expertise donated by 

Dena Belzer, Heather Hood, Greg LeRoy and Jeff Vincent 

in the creation of this report.