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Urbanism&Design: Old Mall New Downtown, Military Embrace Livability, St. Louis TOD, Open Source GIS Benefits


Westminster Outside of Denver Wants to Create New Downtown 

Denver Post


The city of Westminster said Thursday it is moving ahead with plans to create a new downtown district on the site of the old Westminster Mall.

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Chicago's South Works Redevelopment Project 

Global Site Plans


Renowned Chicago urban planner Daniel Burnham once famously said, "Make no small plans." The ambitious redevelopment of a former U.S. Steel Mill on Chicago's South Side is no exception.

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CEOs Want Faster Commutes and Walkable Places 

Greater Greater Washington


The Federal City Council, an association of business leaders, wants DC to ease driving in and out of the city. At the same time, it wants walkable, livable neighborhoods. But what about when these two conflict?

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Defense Department's Embrace of Livability Will Save Money 

DC Streetsblog


Many of the benefits of smart growth are clear enough. By mixing uses, clustering destinations together, and improving transit, sidewalks, and bike facilities, a city - or military base - makes driving less necessary and encourages other ways to get around, like walking.

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TOD Taking Off in St. Louis' West End 

Citizens for Modern Transit Blog


Washington University Medical Center plans to build a $75 million, energy-efficient, multistory research building dedicated to interdisciplinary research to be completed in June 2015.

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Cities Are a New Kind of Complex System 

Science Daily


Cities have long been likened to organisms, ant colonies, and river networks. But these and other analogies fail to capture the essence of how cities really function.

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Benefits of Open Source GIS 

ASLA Dirt Blog


WorldMap is an open source GIS tool that enables anyone anywhere in the world to create their own maps and overlay them with data for free. Why did Harvard create this?

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Book Review: Metropolitan Revolution 

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space


Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley of the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution have authored The Metropolitan Revolution: How Cities and Metros are Fixing our Broken Politics and Fragile Economy.

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Walkable Living Stories from the DC Region 

Coalition for Smarter Growth


Today, 38% of District households are car-free, and countless others are car-lite, mostly relying on transit, walking, and biking.

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The Science of Cities 

Per Square Mile


Cities, it seemed, had been abandoned by science. When all the other disciplines and systems were being quantified and theorized, cities were largely ignored.

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