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Ahwahnee Principles for Resource-Efficient Communities

The Ahwahnee Principles contain 15 community principles, 4 regional principles, and 4 principles of implementation to assist in the planning of more livable communities.

The Ahwahnee Principles for Resource-Efficient Communities, written in 1991 by the Local Government Commission, paved the way for the Smart Growth movement and New Urbanism.

These principles provide a blueprint for elected officials to create compact, mixed-use, walkable, transit-oriented develop­ments in their local communities. Cities and counties across the nation have adopted them to break the cycle of sprawl.

If you like the newly emerging downtowns across the nation – full of people, activities and great public spaces – that’s the Ahwahnee Principles in action.

Since then, the Ahwahnee Principles for Economic Development in 1997 and the Ahwahnee Water Principles in 2005 have been developed to complement this pioneering vision.