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Travel Patterns of People of Color, Final Report

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Over the decades, public and private travel among Americans has increased significantly, making America one of the most mobile of societies. However, many policy-makers are concerned that the nature and distribution of travel are uneven, especially with regards to people of color. Developing a broader understanding of travel behavior of people of color, which includes African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and others, is essential to create a more equitable distribution of transportation system options. This understanding involves many aspects, including why, when, and how people travel, and how each of these aspects varies with time, geography, and population characteristics. There is still very little known about the travel patterns of people of color. Only recently have significant efforts been made to better understand travel behavior among racial and ethnic groups. This topic joins a small but growing field in transportation research that analyzes other issues of equity in travel including gender, age, disability, and wealth.