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Urban Public Transportation Systems


Glossary of Terms

List of Abbreviations

1. Classification of Transit Systems

1.1 Definition and Characteristics of Transit Modes

1.2 Street Transit, Semirapid Transit and Rapid Transit

2. Bus Transit System

2.1 Bus Vehicles

2.2 Bus Travel Ways

2.3 Bus Stops and Stations

2.4 Express Bus

2.5 Bus Semirapid Transit

3. Trolleybus System

4. Rail Transit Systems

4.1 Characteristics of Rail Transit Modes

4.2 Rail Transit Vehicles

4.3 Track and Rights-of-Way

5. Tramway/Streetcar and Light Rail Transit - LRT

6. Rapid Transit or Metro

7. Automated Guided Transit Systems

8. Regional and Commuter Rail

9. Special Technology Transit Systems

10. Transit Line Scheduling

11. Transit Planning and Selection of Transit Modes

12. Present and Future Role of Urban Transit