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Livability 101: What Makes a Community Livable?

What makes a community livable? There is no single answer to that question. In a country as large as the United States— with such a wide range of geographic and climatic conditions and with a culturally and economically diverse population that is distributed so unevenly in terms of density—livability is best defined at the local level. Broadly speaking, a livable community recognizes its own unique identity and places a high value on the planning processes that help manage growth and  change to maintain and enhance its community character. Livability 101: What Makes a Community Livable? is designed by the American Institute of Architects’
Center for Communities by Design to help public officials, and all others actively engaged in this civic dialogue, understand the basic elements of community design and take advantage of existing tools, strategies, and synergies at the policy, planning, and design levels so that their communities can reach their full potential in all respects.