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Creating Successful TOD Districts in LA

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Los Angeles

In 2008, Los Angeles County passed the largest sales tax measure for transportation in the country, resulting in a 1.5% tax dedicated to transportation. As a result the transit system will double by 2030, with an additional 100 BRT and light rail stations. Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa has additionally launched a national campaign called “America Fast Forward,” which would create a national funding source to accelerate transit construction in regions with similar local financing in place.

Reconnecting America's TOD Typology and Toolkit offers data and analytical support to housing and land-use planners. Other recent efforts include supporting a coalition of nonprofits, CDFIs, and funders interested in ensuring the expanding transit system provides housing and economic opportunities for everyone. Los Angeles Metro and SCAG are also exploring corridor-level TOD planning in partnership with CTOD to facilitate TOD implementation on a broader scale.

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