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Carrollton Wins Urban Design Dream Study Award

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Carrollton, Texas, has received the 2009 Greater Dallas Planning Council Urban Design Dream Study Award for its Downtown Carrollton Transit Center Plan. 

In April 2009, the Carrollton City Council and Trammel Crow/High Street Residential LLC entered into a public/private partnership to develop a catalyst project in downtown Carrollton. Art Lomenick, managing director Trammell Crow, is also a member of the Reconnecting America board.

The Carrollton plans were honored for meeting standards to create a sustainable, livable district and for implementing codes and other regulations to streamline development.

"With Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s (DART’s) Green Line arriving in Carrollton in December 2010, Carrollton is at a crossroads of tremendous opportunity – for developers, citizens, potential residents and businesses," according to Peter J. Braster, Transit-Oriented Development Manager, City of Carrollton.

At the CNU17 conference in June, Lomenick was described as a developer who has done more mixed-use, walkable, transit-connecting development than any builder in the United States.

At a New Urbanism 202 seminar entitled "Implementation Strategies For Transit-Oriented Development" Lomenick was described as a pioneer with some of the first attempts in the last 15 years to create mixed-use development.

Below is a recording of his talk from the seminar on the challenges of doing this type of work and the developer's role in forging partnerships with local jurisdictions.

Implementation Strategies for Transit-Oriented Development