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Stranded At The Station: The Crisis In Transit Funding

Demand for public transit is at historic highs but rather than grow to meet this demand, transit agencies across the country are retrenching and in too many cases cutting service as state and local government support for transit is cut in response to the economic recession. Now is the time for the federal government to act to reshape transportation funding in America.

That's the conclusion of "Stranded At The Station: The Impact Of The Financial Crisis In Public Transportation" a report released by Transportation for America.

"Increased federal support for transit and the flexibility to use transit resources more efficiently is critical if we are to realize the mobility, economic, health, and environmental benefits that transit provides," the report concludes. "It is our hope that this report, which provides a national snapshot of the pain being felt by transit riders across the country, will help serve as a catalyst for building a system that realizes the myriad benefits outlined above and creates a robust, resilient transportation network that works for all Americans."