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Streetcar Carbon Footprint Benefits Modeling

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A 2008 memorandum for the City of Portland that explores the climate change benefits of street cars has been added to the Best Practices.

"Portland Streetcar Economic Impacts – First Phase Carbon Footprint Benefits Modeling" was published Feb. 4, 2008, by Eric Hoovee of E.D. Hoovee & Co.

The memorandum outlines and illustrates a methodology for modeling prospective benefits of reduced carbon emissions associated with Portland Streetcar as a form of development oriented transit.

"An illustrative example provided with this initial modeling process indicates potential for a 60% overall savings in carbon footprint with high density urban development compared to a suburban alternative," the memorandum reports. "This reflects a 76% savings in transportation and 46% in development footprint. When viewed relative to type of development, the savings amounts to a 65% reduction in residential carbon footprint – covering both the transportation and development components of the residential use. With employment, a 45% reduction in carbon footprint is identified."

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