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Affordable-Accessible Housing

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"Affordable-Accessible Housing In A Dynamic City" is a new report from the Victoria Transport Policy Institute in Victoria, British Columbia. Written by Todd Litman, the paper seeks to answer "Why and How To Increase Affordable Housing Development In Accessible Locations."

"Demand for affordable-accessible housing is growing, but many current policies discourage such development, leading to a growing shortage in many communities, particularly in growing cities," Littman writes. "More than two dozen policy and planning reforms described in this report can increase affordable-accessible housing development."

As Litman explains, affordable-accessible housing refers to lower-priced homes located in areas where common services and activities are easy to access without requiring an automobile.

The report integrates discussions of affordability, location efficiency and dynamic planning.

The report points out that affordable housing is discouraged by restrictions on building height, density and type; overly generous minimum parking requirements; and fees and taxes structured in ways that favor fewer, more expensive units.

"Dynamic cities must adjust policies and planning practices to better meet
consumer demands for affordable-accessible housing," Litman writes.

The report offers a Housing Affordability Analysis Spreadsheet that can be used to evaluate the effects of various policy changes on housing and transportation affordability.

"Increasing affordable-accessible housing supply can provide significant economic, social and environmental benefits. It can reduce homelessness and associated problems, save consumers money, increase economic development, increase public health and safety, reduce energy consumption, preserve greenspace, and reduce government costs," Litman writes. "It is a truly sustainable development strategy."

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Affordable-Accessible Housing In A Dynamic City