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Blueprint For Transit-Oriented Communities

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Community members, planners, and policymakers working on station area planning efforts in Washington State will benefit from "Transit-oriented communities: A Blueprint for Washington State," a report produced by Transportation Choices Coalition, Futurewise and GGLO.

The guidebook addresses the  political and policy context for planning for transit-oriented communities as well as the scientific evidence supporting the social and environmental benefits to transit-oriented communities.

The overarching goal of high-performing transit-oriented communities, the report notes, is to provide housing and transportation choices that give residents access to homes, jobs, recreation opportunities, stores, and community services to meet their daily needs, without having to rely on a motorized personal vehicle.

Working within the typology of the station areas -- the unique opportunities of each -- the report outlines seven performance goals essential in building sustainable, high-performing transit-oriented communities:

  1. Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity
  2. Housing Affordability:
  3. Residential and Employment Density:
  4. Mix of Uses
  5. Green Infrastructure and Open Space
  6. Parking policies
  7. Urban Design

"Our world faces tremendous social and environmental challenges that we all must solve together—from cost of living and quality of life, to the longterm environmental sustainability of our land, water, and air," the report concludes. "Fostering transit-oriented land use patterns that give people access and choices, while protecting the planet, is critical to resolving these challenges."

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 Transit-oriented communities: A Blueprint for Washington State