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Employment Location Decisions & Affordable Housing

"If we are going to be thinking of affordable housing in this country, the broader vision of affordable living should come from our patterns of development and opportunities that already exist," writes Reconnecting America's Jeff Wood in a guest blog post over at the National Housing Conference's (NHC) "Open House" blog.

Wood's post, "Employment Location Decisions & Affordable Housing," examines the "slow methodical process of workers dispersing and the employment following, seeking an equilibrium solution" and what that decentralization has meant for affordable living.

"While it’s hard to imagine regions pushing for employment to cluster in one place, the ability to make existing clusters more attractive for new firms and jobs of all income levels is something that warrants greater thinking," Wood writes. "Ultimately this will lead to better transit location policy and increased reliance on bikes, feet, and alternative modes while also saving some folks cash on housing and transportation."

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