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Livable Communities in Small Town America

Transportation for America has released "Case Studies on Transit and Livable Communities in Rural and Small Town America," which offers a dozen examples of small towns and rural regions working to make their communities more livable.

The report by T4's Sean Barry explain how each is growing economies, benefiting people and protecting the land and lifestyles treasured by residents and non-residents alike.

While livability efforts are more often associated with larger cities and suburban sprawl, the report explains that rural areas and small towns share core livability values that include improved transportation options; growth along historic main street; green space; biking and walking paths; and easily accesible shopping, restaurants and health care.

As the report points out, the federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities and the proposed Livable Communities Act illustrate how federal policymakers are attempting to support the coordination among transportation, housing, environmental and agricultural planning necessary for the creation of livable communities.

"If any part of the country is in need of a comprehensive, cross- departmental approach, it is America’s small towns and rural areas," explains Barry.

Transportation for America is the largest, most diverse coalition working on transportation reform today. It is working toward more responsible investment of  federal tax dollars to promote a safer, cleaner, smarter transportation system that works for everyone.

The report has been added to the Best Practices.

Case Studies on Transit and Livable Communities in Rural and Small Town America