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Transportation for America applauds President Obama's Initiative for 21st Century Infrastructure

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James Corless, the director of Transportation for America, released a statement applauding the administration's Labor Day announcement of plans to "renew and  expand America’s roads, railways and runways."
“The President’s initiative, as we understand it based on the broad outlines issued [Labor Day], will give much-needed help to the economy while kick-starting the long-delayed transformation of the nation’s outdated surface transportation program," Corless said. “While the ‘front-loading’ of a new transportation authorization will put many thousands of Americans to work over the next couple of years, this should not be seen as a mere short-term stimulus. This kind of aggressive, multi-year construction and rehabilitation effort is fundamental to the long-term health of our economy. The alternative is gridlocked cities, stranded rural residents, hampered freight delivery and continued over-reliance on increasingly hard-to-get oil supplies.
“What is most is encouraging is that the Administration has recognized that the earmark-driven, unaccountable spending of the past must end. The President today has promised to press for carefully targeted investments in those projects that compete best in satisfying clearly articulated national goals for energy security, safety, affordability, environmental sustainability and economic competitiveness. We look forward in coming weeks to more details on how the Administration fulfills these goals for reform. The proposal to pay for the initial installment by removing some of the unnecessary subsidies to oil and other highly profitable corporations also strikes us as a sound approach.”

Reconnecting America is a co-founder of Transportation for America. Reconnecting America has a history of work on transportation authorization legislation, global climate change lesgislation, energy legislation, and related authorizing and appropriation transporation legislation.