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Weaving Together Vibrant Communities Through Transit-Oriented Development

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Allison Brooks, Reconnecting America's chief of staff, has an article on transit-oriented development in the summer issue of San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank's online publication, Community Investments.

"At its core, TOD is about connecting, or reconnecting, the fabric of our communities — imagine a quilt, if you will — where neighborhoods and places of varying shapes, colors, sizes and textures are integrated into a vibrant and cohesive region," writes Brooks in "Weaving Together Vibrant Communities Through Transit-Oriented Development." "Implementing equitable TOD involves rethinking the current paradigm, where a person’s zip code can determine important outcomes such as educational attainment or employment opportunities."

The article defines transit-oriented development, introduces the concepts and principles behind the term, and presents strategies for implementing successful TOD initiatives, especially those that benefit low- and moderate-income individuals and communities.

You can read the article here.