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Can TOD Typologies Work in Places that Run Buses? Part 3 of 6

Image Courtesy of the FTA

Image Courtesy of the FTA

While there are a lot of typologies created around rapid transit networks that only include rail in this country, that doesn't mean we can't plan land uses around frequent bus service.  In fact, in this video below CTOD Director Sam Zimbabwe discusses (go ahead and click!, it's less than a minute of your time) the need to focus not on the transit technology but the transit service frequency when thinking about how to change land uses. 

To that end, our work with Metro's TOD Strategic Plan in Portland does just that.  Frequent service routes got just as much attention as MAX LRT stations in the study.  In addition to looking at the station areas, you can see the frequent bus corridorsin the map below.


Additionally, as Jarrett Walker has laid out, some cities have gone out of thier way to create frequent bus maps.  These maps let people know where they can expect better service and can also serve as a baseline for TOD planning on those corridors as well.  As before, check out our featured topic page on TOD Typologies to learn more.



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