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Earth Day Research Additions

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In honor of Earth Day this year, we've added a trio of reports to our research archive that delve into the role transit can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Travel Matters: Mitigating Climate Change with Sustainable Surface Transportation is a 2004 report by our CTOD partner Center for Neighborhood Technology. CNT created a research report and website with information for individuals and transit agencies on the greenhouse gas reduction potential of the public transportation sector. CNT concludes this report by identifying a number of additional research opportunities that could help transit agencies as they strive to achieve the goal of sustainable surface transportation.

TCRP Synthesis 84: Current Practices in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Savings from Transit is a 2010 report describing the role of transit agencies in reducing GHG emissions and catalogs the current practices of a sample of agencies. Research for this study included a literature review, a survey of 62 transit agencies, with 41 responding (66%); and interviews with three agencies.

Research Results Digest 89: Public Transportation’s Role in Addressing Global Climate Change is a 2009 overview of work that investigated public transportation’s role in addressing global climate change in several cities in Ireland, Germany, Italy, and Spain.