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How an Ailing Rust-Belt Town Was Rebuilt From the Grassroots Up

Reconnecting America President and CEO John Robert Smith will be a participant Oct. 13 in a panel discussion following the screening of “The Blood in This Town,” a film chronicling how Rutland, VT., an ailing rust-belt town, was rebuilt from the grassroots up. The screening will be at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, Congressional Auditorium, at 6pm.

Once a boomtown built on railroads, quarries and manufacturing, Rutland is like thousands of other small towns and cities left behind in the wake of globalization and hit by the economic downturn.

Rutland’s act of giving blood in record-breaking numbers becomes a powerful symbol of renewal and social change that radiates throughout the community - in initiatives to engage new ideas and create sustainable businesses, world-class natural recreation, farm-to-table networks, entrepreneurial start-ups, and the revival of a historic downtown.

The screening and panel discussion is part of a series of events that seek to bring together community leaders, urban planners, business people and government officials to engage local citizens and fuel an exchange of revitalization ideas and solutions. The screenings and discussions seek to encourage local participation and action to create a more vibrant, sustainable future for small towns.

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