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Lessons From Germany For American Transit, Sustainability

A pair of papers by reachers Ralph Buehler of Virgina Tech and John Pucher of Rutgers along a third article by Buehler have been added to the Best Practices in the Research Center.

Sustainable Transport in Freiburg: Lessons from Germany’s Environmental Capital, by Buehler and Pucher, examines changes in transport and land-use policies in Germany over the last 40 years that have encouraged more walking, bicycling and public transport use.

Making Public Transport Financially Sustainable, by Buehler and Pucher, examines how over the past two decades Germany has improved the quality of its public transport services and attracted more passengers while increasing productivity, reducing costs, and cutting subsidies.

Promoting Public Transportation: Comparison of Passengers and Policies in Germany and the United States, by Buehler, explores socioeconomic and geographic characteristics of public trans­portation riders in Germany and the United States, and analyzes the differences in public transportation policies in the two countries.