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Nathan Landau's Car-Free Los Angeles

Have you ever gone to a city and wondered where to go to eat or drink?  You might pull out your iPhone and search for restaurants but it might be hard to get to the good ones.  Well at least in one city there is a handy go to guide to finding your way to those special spots without a car.  It happens to be in Los Angeles.

Nathan Landau, who has a day job planning transit for AC Transit here in the Bay Area, has written a really cool guide to car-free exploring in Southern California.  He even let's you know which agencies allow surfboards!  It reads a bit like a Rick Steves european travel guide but focused on a travel corridor rather than a single district or church.  This is a great thing because taking an architecture walk is often impossible if you can't get there without driving. 

All in all I hope residents and visitors to Southern California and LA get this book and use it.  At some point people will see Los Angeles for what it is and will be in the future, a transit city.  This floats to the top in this book rather than the stereotype autocentric place we see on TV.