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New Report: Best Practices in Transit Circulators

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Here at Reconnecting America we talk a lot about streetcars but not a lot about bus circulators.  However many cities see them as a way to move people around downtown without expending lots of capital dollars.  They are generally free and according to the most recent TCRP synthesis report 87 (loaded into the Resource Center), ridership can range between 600 riders on an average weekday to 1,500 riders on sundays.  Additional resources for downtowns looking at circulators include another report in the Resource Center from the National Center for Transit Research at the University of South Florida. 

For further reading on this subject in the blogosphere, Jarrett Walker at Human Transit has had some very informative must read posts on the subject as well.

Flickr Photo via Transit Nerds.

Pasadena Del Mar Station TOD