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Sprawling From Grace In Prime Time

Sprawling From Grace, a documentary co-sponsored by Reconnecting America and originally aired in 2009, will make its prime time debut April 20 on CNBC at 10pm EDT.  

The 1:22 hour film by David M. Edwards and EMotion Pictures features former President Bill Clinton and former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis. Also featured are former Reconnecting America CEO Shelley Poticha, who now serves in the Obama Administration; Dena Belzer of Strategic Economics, one of Reconnecting America's partners in the Center for Transit-Oriented Development; and many other leaders on the issues of suburban sprawl and the need for better public transportation, centralized planning and renewable energy.

The synopsis of the film explains: 

Sprawling From Grace; Driven To Madness is a documentary feature film about the unintended consequences of suburban sprawl. It illustrates the importance of altering the course of how we develop our nation’s cities. It communicates the dangers of continuing to invest in the inefficient horizontal growth patterns of suburban communities, and details how they threaten to bankrupt the remaining wealth of our nation. It explores how the depletion of fossil fuels will impact this living arrangement, and investigates the viability of alternative energies that are currently available. This film sounds the alarm that the cheap fossil-fuel-dependant suburban American way of life is not just at risk. It is in peril!.

Below is the trailer for the movie.

The full movie is also available online.