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Why TOD Typologies? Part 1 of 6

People have been grouping facts and figures since the dawn of time into specific types but when Transit Oriented Development (TOD) was first starting many folks thought that it was Manhattan or bust.  Of course, that isn't the case but along the way the Center for TOD has developed a different way of thinking about how places along a transit corridor and in a transit region interact with each other and support regional growth and equity.  In this film series, Sam Zimbabwe, Director of the Center for TOD discusses why typologies are an important part of the planning process.  This is an introduction. 

For more information on TOD typologies by the Center for TOD and other planning firms, visit our Typologies featured topic page.

Part 1: Why TOD Typologies

Part 2: What Do We Need to Think About?

Part 3: Can TOD Typologies Work in Places that Run Buses?