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A Citizen’s Guide to Context Sensitive Solutions for Better Transportation

"Going the Distance Together: A Citizen’s Guide to Context Sensitive Solutions for Better Transportation," originally released in September 2011, has been added to the Resource Center best practices database. The report, a National Cooperative Highway Research Program document, explains how to become a full collaborator in all aspects of transportation planning, from national, state, and local policy to operations and maintenance. The guidebook provides context-sensitive solutions (CSS), a consensus-building process.

"The purpose of this guide is to help you ask the right questions at the right time to ensure that transportation projects fit the context of your community," the authors note. "CSS is based on the principle that if transportation professionals—policy-makers, planners, engineers, designers and operators— and citizen stakeholders collaborate, all parties will have less to criticize and more to applaud."

The material covers:

  • Transportation and the Quality of Life
  • Research on Community Context, Vision, Values, and Plans: The Foundation of Context Sensitive Solutions
  • Shaping Transportation Decisions
  • Understanding Professional Responsibility and Design Flexibility in Project Design
  • Going the Distance Together: Partnership through Collaboration

Read the introduction and download the full report