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Adding To The Resource Center's Best Practices Database

We have piles of documents our researchers have come across that merit inclusion in our Best Practices database. For the next week or so we'll be adding at least one a day.  After each report is uploaded, we'll post a short explanation here.

Today's report:

"Mapping Susceptibility to Gentrification: The Early Warning Toolkit," an August 2009 report by Karen Chapple, Faculty Director of the Center for Community Innovation at the University of California, Berkeley.

From the introduction:

This report was prepared for ABAG as part of its Development without Displacement project funded by an environmental justice grant from CalTrans. This project is meant to increase regional and local understanding of gentrification and displacement, and in particular increase awareness of equitable development policies that jurisdictions can use to capture the benefits of new growth for their current residents. The purpose of this report is to create an early warning toolkit to help communities identify whether their neighborhood is susceptible to gentrification as reinvestment occurs. This in turn suggests potential for displacement — but does not necessarily predict it. In order to understand future displacement potential more fully, a jurisdiction would need to combine the toolkit with an assessment of its existing affordable housing policies and stock, as well as the effects of any proposed redevelopment plan.

Read the introduction and download the report