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CNU20: The New World

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Doing Well By Doing Good - Since 1982

Through bust and boom, New Urbanist projects outperformed their neighbors and through the recession they have held their value better. Building the New Urbanism means having a flexible, diversified portfolio that can weather the storms of the market without missing the peaks. At CNU 20, you will expand your ability to survive and thrive in the marketplace by appealing to different generations of buyers and catching up with the major trends in real estate.

Designing Place Collaboratively - Since 1993

The coming decades of planning will require responses to a myriad of concerns including economic, environment, fiscal, and social challenges. These challenges will require a long-term, coordinated response with solutions that cross disciplinary boundaries. For over 20 years, New Urbanists have been fighting alongside fellow planners and architects for holistic, interdisciplinary solutions to our most pressing problems.

The annual Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) is the leading venue for New Urbanist education, collaboration, and networking. CNU members come from around the world to discuss development practices and public policies, learn from recent innovative work, and advance new initiatives to transform our communities.

This year, the CNU members will congregate in West Palm Beach, FL, May 9-12.

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