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FHWA, FTA Webinar On Scenario Planning

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) are sponsoring webinar on "New Tools in Scenario Planning: Denver Region's Metro Vision 2040 Update."  The webinar will be held April 5 from 1:30 to 3pm EST.

The webinar speakers will include:

  • Jill Locantore, Senior Planner, DRCOG
  • Erik Sabina, Transportation Forecast Group Leader, DRCOG
  • Staff from FHWA and FTA Headquarters and the FHWA Resource Center

The webinar will also feature a peer panel composed of five scenario planning experts:

  • Uri Avin, Practice Leader for Regional Growth Management, Parsons Brinckerhoff
  • Reid Ewing, Professor of City & Metropolitan Planning, University of Utah
  • Glen Bolen, Vice President, Fregonese Associates
  • Kevin J. Krizek, Professor of Planning & Design, University of Colorado
  • Paul Waddell, Professor of City & Regional Planning, University of California-Berkeley

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This webinar is designed to offer a national audience a window onto a real-time case study as the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) prepares to use scenario planning to update Metro Vision 2040 (more information). The DRCOG earned national recognition when it used scenario planning in the 1990s to develop the original Metro Vision 2020 plan and to inform subsequent plan updates. Now, as DRCOG looks forward to the next major plan update, the agency has several new tools available, including next generation land use and travel models, which can support new innovations in scenario planning.

During the webinar, DRCOG will describe the agency's previous scenario planning efforts, how scenario planning will fit into the Metro Vision 2040 planning process, and the new tools and associated data the agency has developed. An expert panel will ask questions and make initial observations on how DRCOG and webinar participants could most effectively deploy these tools. A second webinar targeted to a regional audience will be held in May 2012, during which DRCOG will continue the conversation with an expert panel and share preliminary results of a Listening Tour that DRCOG is conducting to help identify the major issues facing the region that the Metro Vision 2040 planning process will address.

The two webinars will lead to a two-day scenario planning workshop to be held in June 2012, in Denver, Colorado. The workshop, which will be co-hosted by DRCOG, FHWA, and FTA, will publicly kick off the Metro Vision 2040 planning process.


The April 5th webinar is the fourth in a series on scenario planning that began in September 2010.

To learn more and APPLY, go here.

A summary and recording of the April 5th webinar will be posted after the webinar on the Scenario Planning Program website.


If you have any questions regarding the Scenario Planning Program, please contact Rae Keasler at rae.keasler [at] dot . gov or 202-366-0329, Faith Hall at faith.hall [at] dot . gov or 202-366-9055, or Alisa Fine at alisa.fine [at] dot . gov or 617-494-2310.