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Interdivision Rivalry For Complete Communities On Monday Night Football

The Denver Broncos and a resurgent Payton Manning take on a Chargers team Monday night. These division rivals have no love lost and will seek to keep each other further away from the post season with a win today.

In the realm of complete communities, unlike on the gridiron, San Diego and Denver compete in different divisions. San Diego competes with the heavyweights, with just over 3 million residents, while Denver falls in the middle division, where regions between 3 million and 500,000 population compete. That in part may explain why Denver brings home straight “A’s” in Living, Moving, Working, and Thriving, while San Diego has three “Cs” and a “B.” Denver’s competition isn’t generally as fierce as San Diego faces in the top tier.

In many cases, San Diego does a better job on individual metrics than Denver. San Diego has a higher share of households who live near fixed-guideway transit, and they’ve been investing in and building out their transit network for longer than Denver. The San Diego region currently has more than twice as many fixed-guideway stations as Denver. However, once the ambitious plans that Denver has on the books are built out, they’ll be the leaders out of this matchup, so San Diego may need to look out.

And even with the smaller fixed-guideway network, Denver has a higher share of commuters taking transit. That may be related to the fact that the Denver region is doing a better job at attracting and retaining the college educated 18- to 34-year-olds. Denver has more parks per household in opportunity areas, and both have transit lines direct to the stadium, so expect to see those light rail trains full for games.

Broncos vs Bolts. Manning vs Rivers. City vs City.

Competition for Complete Communities between Denver & San Diego

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