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Monday Night Football Matchup A Close Contest In The Complete Communities Battle

Michael Vick and the Eagles meet Drew Brees and New Orleans’ Who Dat Nation on Monday night in a battle of NFC superiority. In the complete communities arena, Philadelphia and New Orleans is a close game. New Orleans leads in Working and Moving, but only by a fraction, and both regions need some work when it comes to how their people can Thrive.

Shared strengths: high share of jobs near transit, high share of households and workers in opportunity areas, many small, walkable blocks, and both regions have their transit stations in places that support transportation choices—opportunity areas

With their more extensive system, Philadelphia pulls ahead when it comes to connecting residents with fixed-guideway transit. But New Orleans is continuing to plan for both streetcar and interregional rail connections that will extend the fixed-guideway transit network. Philly has a good ground game with McCoy but the double threat of Brees and Sproles is coming quickly to match.

Shared weaknesses: Both regions need healthier food options in opportunity areas. Pennsylvania created a program that has helped build 88 new grocery stores in 34 counties, including 26 in Philadelphia, and is clearly on the right track with this metric. And both regions need to get out and move just a bit more. In New Orleans, 20% of residents don’t get any regular physical activity and in Philadelphia the number isn’t much better at 17%.

Finally, though both regions have a high share of the overall population near a park, households in opportunity areas don’t fare quite as well compared to other regions in the US. But we do know that there will be a packed house on Monday Night. In complete communities, New Orleans pulls it off before time expires. But we know Philly will punch above their weight.

Win: New Orleans – (For Entertainment Purposes Only)

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