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Scholarly Articles Added To Best Practices Database

Four scholarly articles have been added to the Research Center best practices database covering a range of topics.

  • Hedonic Price Effects of Pedestrian-and Transit-Designed Development (2009) explores the impact of pedestrian- and transit-oriented development and confirms that the market shift is, indeed, being capitalized into real estate prices and demonstrates that the amenity-based elements of transit-designed development play an important positive role in urban land markets, independent of the accessibility benefits provided by transit.
  • Empowerment Zone Designation and Community Economic Development in Minneapolis, MN (2009) explores the effects of Empowerment Zone designation on community economic development in Minneapolis, MN. The project employs both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to study the Empowerment Zone. GIS mapping and analysis explores changes in socio-demographic characteristics of Zone neighborhoods. Meanwhile, interviews with community stakeholders and government officials provide insight into the Empowerment Zone planning and implementation process. Elias Diaz Popuch wrote this as a senior honors thesis for the georgraphy department at Macalester College.
  • Assessing Smart Growth in San Antonio, Texas (2008) examins San Antonio, Texas, and its explosion of growth over the last few decades, and how the city has managed this growth. This article was submitted by Bradley Schacherl to the Department of Political Science Texas State University in partial fulfillment for the requirements for the degree of Masters of Public Administration.
  • Purpose-Driven Public Transport: Creating A Clear Conversation About Public Transport Goals (2007) presents a language for discussing the hard choices transit agencies face as they choose among a range of goals, including environmental, economic, and social ones.