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Some Facts To Counter The Myths About Higher Density

A 2005 report "Some Facts To Counter The Myths About Higher Density," authored by the Urban Land Institute along with the National Multi Housing Council, Sierra Club and the American Institute of Architects, has been added to the Resource Center best practices database.

The authors of the report explain: "The purpose of this publication is to dispel the many myths surrounding higher-density development and to create a new understanding of density that goes beyond simplistic negative connotations that overestimate its impact and under­estimate its value."

The report takes on these myths:

  1. Higher-density development overburdens public schools and other public services and requires more infrastructure support systems.
  2. Higher-density developments lower property values in surrounding areas.
  3. Higher-density development creates more regional traffic congestion and parking problems than low-density development.
  4. Higher-density development leads to higher crime rates.
  5. Higher-density development is environmentally more destructive than lower-density development.
  6. Higher-density development is unattractive and does not fit in a low-density community.
  7. No one in suburban areas wants higher-density development.
  8. Higher-density housing is only for lower-income households.

Read the introduction and download the full report