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Station Area Planning In Tampa

The City of Tampa, FL, Comprehensive Plan Transit Station Area Policies paper and a presentation detailing station area planning concepts have been added to the Research Center best practices database.

The station area policies paper, published in 2010: "As the development of a fixed-guideway transit system proceeds, it will be important to address land use policies within potential corridors to ensure that the appropriate land use framework is in place to encourage successful station area development. investment plans are established and station sites are known, appropriate Future Land Use and zoning changes will need to take place to allow transit supportive infill development and redevelopment to occur. The Comprehensive Plan mechanisim that creates this opportunity is the Transit Oriented Development Future Land Use Floating Designation (TOD FLU Floating Designation)."

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The 52-slide presentation, which was originally published in 2009, includes a discussion of transit-oriented development basics and a detailed discussion of station area planning, including determining characteristics of an area, transit mode and frequency, mix of use and housing types, the scale and placemaking. The slides include examples of the five main station area types: high intensity urban, mixed use regional, community stations, neighborhood center and commuter station.

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