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Transit Oriented Development that's Healthy, Green & Just

The Puget Sound Sage report "Transit Oriented Development that's Healthy, Green & Just: Ensuring Transit Investment in Seattle’s Rainier Valley Builds Communities Where All Families Thrive" has been added to the Resource Center best practices database.

Ensuring that TOD results in real equity outcomes requires a sharp focus on what equity means and a steady determination to achieve those outcomes, according to the report's authors Howard Greenwich and Margaret Wykowski.

This effort to break the past cycle of disenfranchisement and institutional barriers to prosperity will have benefits beyond racial equity.

"With mixed-income households able to remain in Rainier Valley neighborhoods, broader goals for regional sustainability and healthy communities will be met. Through racial equity outcomes, people of all incomes and races are able to choose to live in central, dense neighborhoods and can avoid perpetuating suburban sprawl and auto-centric living," the report's authors conclude.

The report includes a forward by Ron Sims, former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Read the executive summary and download the full report.