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Upgrading Your Search Experience

As an organization that does a lot of research, we at Reconnecting America appreciate the importance of quickly finding something. That's why we recently asked our website developer to enhance the tagging system for our content.

When browsing our content tags, it is now possible to select more than one tag and thus limit the results to content that contains all of the selected tags.

For example, over in the Research section, where we have our Best Practices database, we currently have 11 research papers that touch on issues in Sacramento, California. We also have 34 research papers discussing bus rapid transit. By checking both Sacramento and Bus Rapid Transit, you'll find we have a paper entitled "Sacramento Regional Transit: A Guide To Transit Oriented Development."

But our research collection is only a portion of our content here. We also have news about Reconnecting America's activities, this Half-Mile Circles blog, Jeff Wood's Other Side of the Tracks newsletters, our staff-written Platform newsletter and Press Releases. Our News and Resources page lists all of the tags associated with thAT content, and now it too has check boxes allowing quick narrowing of search results.

For example, we have 260 articles tagged with Streetcar and 82 articles about what's happening in Cincinnati. Those combined narrow the results down to 41 articles. And if all you are interested in is the funding for the Cincinnati streetcar, you can add "Transit Funding" to "Cincinnati" and "Streetcar" and browse the 16 articles that are tagged with all three of those tags.

Try it out. If you find any mis-tagged content or content that should have had additional tags, let me know. You can contact me .