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Winnipeg Transit-Oriented Development Handbook & Station Typology

The Winnipeg Transit-Oriented Development Handbook and Typology Guide have been added to the Resource Center's best practices database.

The city of Winniped describes the TOD Handbook as a synthesis of “best practice” TOD principles to help policymakers, developers, the Public Service, and members of the public guide development and redevelopment adjacent rapid transit and high frequency transit corridors.

The introduction to the handbook explains: "Transit-oriented development (TOD) is a key component of this balanced approach. By enabling density, mixed use, accessible urban design and sustainable transportation options, it:

  • contributes to the overall sustainability of the city,
  • provides a valued complement to existing land use patterns, and
  • offers a lifestyle option that appeals to many people."

The handbook is organized into three main sections:

  • Overview of TOD. This section defines TOD, presents benefits and challenges of TOD and discusses the relationship of the transit station to the surrounding land uses.
  • Core Principles of TOD. This section presents the six key elements every successful TOD should include. Supporting each principle is a best practice case study.
  • Tools for Implementing TOD. This section builds on the core principles and presents tools that can be used to make TOD a reality.

The handbook also includes in a separate publication, a guidebook to the typology of station areas.

Winnipeg TOD Handbook

Winnipeg TOD Handbook Typology