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Batch Of Research Papers Added To Best Practices Database

Five research papers covering a broad range of topics have been added to the Resource Center best practices database. The reports include:

Histories of Transit-Oriented Development: Perspectives on the Development of the TOD Concept by Ian Carlton. (Fall 2007) This paper looks at a long history of transit served real estate development and evaluates TOD’s position in a long history of social and urban theory. The paper is meant to serve as a foundation for further work that will seek to define the term TOD in its many uses across the fields of planning, design, transportation, and policy.

Rails To Recovery: The Role of Passenger Rail Transportationi in the Post-Katrina New Orleans and Louisiana by James R. Amdal. (June 2011) This research, funded through the Gulf Coast Research Center for Evacuation and Transportation Resiliency, investigates two case studies of rail projects in Louisiana. The two cases, a potential intercity rail connection project between New Orleans and Baton Rouge and a streetcar project in downtown New Orleans, show both the significant promise of rail as a recovery tool and the logistical and political barriers to successful implementation.

Evolving Strategies for Asia – USA Containerized Supply Chains: Implications and Policy Recommendations by Robert C. Leachman. (June 2011) The nature and sophistication of Asia – USA containerized import supply chains has evolved dramatically over the past decade and continues to do so. Recommendations are provided for changes in land‐use policies relative to infrastructure accommodating import supply chains. This paper was part of the Proceedings of the 2011 Industry Studies Association Annual Conference, Industry Studies Association, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, June 1‐3, 2011.]

Place Matters for Health in Cook County: ensuring Opportunities for Good Health for All by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Health Policy Institute and the Cook County Place Matters Team. (July 2012) This study examines the relationships between health, community characteristics, and food access in Cook County, IL, and attempts to address specific questions raised by the Cook County Place Matters Team.

Targeting Transit: Assessing Development Opportunities Around New Jersey’s Transit Stations by New Jersey Future. (September 2012) The purpose of this report is to present and describe an analytic tool for prioritizing TOD investments that has been developed by New Jersey Future: an inventory of the state’s transit stations, populated with key data items pertaining to each station and the area surround­ing it. The report will also provide examples of the kinds of questions that can be answered with results generated from the inventory. From such a tool for quantitatively assessing and ranking transit stations and their host neighborhoods, a systematic, targeted TOD promotion strategy might evolve.