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Working to diversify our transportation system and help reduce our dependency on foreign oil

Board chair Janette Sadik-Khan, NYC’s DOT Commissioner, shows up in New York Magazine in a story about the implementation of Mayor Bloomberg’s Plan NYC: She’s opening a separated bike lane along a nine-block stretch of Ninth Avenue and on Williamsburg’s Kent Street as well as cordoned-off bus lanes and a new public plaza at Gansevoort, Ninth and Little West 12th Street; and, most importantly, she’s continuing talks about making some streets car-free this summer – which doesn’t require legislative approval. (Albany nixed the mayor’s congestion pricing plan last month.) She shows up in cycling gear (nice!) in Bicycling Magazine in a story about how the city is adding 200 miles of bike lanes by mid-2009 and a five-borough bike backbone by 2010, earning it a bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community award from the League of American Bicyclists. “City leaders realized crowded streets couldn’t handle expected population growth,” reads the article, “and hired the right DOT commissioner.” That would be Janette!

APTA President Bill Millar was in a New York Times story about how public transit ridership is surging 10-15 percent in the South and West. “It’s clear,” he was quoted as saying, “that people are looking for alternatives to paying $3.50 a gallon for gas.” MSNBC put him on the air, too, in a story about how the average American now spends $4300 a year on gas. MSNBC said commuter rail ridership is up 20 percent in Seattle, light rail ridership is up 12 percent in Dallas, 13 percent in Denver, and 27 percent in St. Louis.