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Celebrate Earth Day, Watch Sprawling From Grace

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See film about the consequences of suburbanization free online

In honor of Earth Day and in partnership with Cinema Libre Studio and Grapeflix, Reconnecting America would like to invite you to view David M. Edwards' powerful new documentary, Sprawling From Grace: The Consequences of Suburbanization, online for free! The film features former President Bill Clinton, former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis, Reconnecting America CEO Shelley Poticha, Dena Belzer of Strategic Economics, our partner in the Center for Transit-Oriented Development, and many other leaders on the issues of suburban sprawl and the need for better public transportation, centralized planning and renewable energy.


"This film is coming out at the very time when America is most interested in having a conversation about these important issues. I feel privileged to have taken part in this film and hope that this Earth Day will inspire you to join the movement for change, smart growth and sustainable transportation that is gathering momentum around us.”
Shelley Poticha
President and CEO
Reconnecting America



For a preview, visit, or visit Facebook. The film is free and available for viewing through Wednesday, April 22, at midnight, PDT. But once you’ve viewed the film we ask that you consider donating the same amount you’d have paid to see it in a theater. The filmmaker and distributor are giving these donations to the organizations screening the film so that we can continue our important work.

Here’s how to watch for free:

  1. Click here.

  2. Click the green "Play Online" button

  3. Register for Grapeflix VOD (video on demand)

  4. Test your system to make sure you meet the minimum requirements to view the film online. (After the test is complete, click "Continue" to watch the film. If you get taken back to the Grapeflix homepage, just click on the link again and then click "Play Online.")

  5. A window will pop-up with an embedded video player

  6. The film is viewable in full screen by clicking the full screen button on the video player or by double-clicking the video player in Firefox.

To ensure you will not have difficulties viewing the film please:

  • Disable all pop-up blockers (Enable Active X)

  • Use Internet Explorer

  • Upgrade Windows Media Player to Version 11

  • Confirm that you have a stable high speed internet connection

  • Allow time for the film to buffer after the video player pops up.

The Grapeflix system work best with a Windows operating system and Windows Media Player 11. Further help with Grapeflix can be found at here, or contact Grapeflix here.

If you enjoyed the film, click on the orange button on the Grapeflix page to tell your friends about it. The film is available on DVD this week at Cinema Libre Store, online at Grapeflix, and through other major retailers.