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CTOD Partner Receives Prestigious MacArthur Award

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Center for Neighborhood Technology chosen as one of eight “creative and effective institutions”

The national nonprofit Center for Neighborhood Technology, a partner in the Center for Transit-Oriented Development, was one of only eight organizations worldwide to receive the prestigious John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Award for Creative and Effective Institutions. CNT was recognized for pioneering new approaches to urban problems that use resources more efficiently, reduce costs for households and communities, and improve the environment. The award recognizes organizations that are “highly creative and effective, have made an extraordinary impact in their fields and are helping to address some of the world’s most challenging problems.”

“The MacArthur Foundation has a long history of supporting organizations around the world like these that demonstrate the creativity, drive, and vision to make the world more just and peaceful,” said MacArthur President Jonathan Fanton. “These organizations may be small but their impact is tremendous. From protecting human rights to improving urban neighborhoods to conserving biodiversity, they are blazing new paths and finding fresh solutions to some of our most difficult challenges.”

CNT’s work is driven by the idea that making cities work for the benefit of the people who live in them and for the health of the planet is particularly critical at this time. Livable, workable, efficient cities are a key part of the answer to climate change because their transportation networks and density make them environmentally efficient. The staff at CNT believe, however, that there’s room for improvement in urban and suburban transportation and communications networks in order to further reduce the need to drive, and to make buildings more energy efficient and better connected to transit, with the ultimate goal of reducing costs for residents.

The maps shown here illustrate some of the work that CNT has been doing to show that density, a good mix of uses and a jobs-housing balance, and transit access can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“CNT recognized early on that neighborhood revitalization can be cost-effective, while enhancing the urban and broader environment,” said CNT President Scott Bernstein. “This award enables us to continue to demonstrate that being resource-efficient – tapping the many assets urban neighborhoods provide – can actually lower the cost of living and increase household and community wealth.”

Reconnecting America, CNT and Strategic Economics, an urban and regional economics consulting firm based in Berkeley, are partners in the Center for Transit-Oriented Development.

More information on CNT can be found on their website