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Reconnecting America Lauds Obama Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment Proposal

Cites potential to bring long-term economic benefits and provide substantial savings to middle-class families

Monday, President Obama renewed the call for investment in our nationʼs infrastructure, bringing with him the voices of a bipartisan group of governors, mayors, and policy experts to underscore the urgency of action. The Miller Center for Public Affairsʼ Bipartisan Conference, led by former Secretaries of Transportation Norman Mineta and Samuel Skinner, and the Council of Economic Advisors along with the Department of Treasury, set the groundwork for this discussion with recently released analyses of investment options.

The Obama Administration laid out the contours of a proposal designed to deliver concrete benefits to the American people. For instance, the proposed investment in high-speed rail has the potential to remove existing geographic constraints, expanding opportunities for American families in communities both large and small.

“This bipartisan conversation about infrastructure has the potential to bring long-term economic benefits to our nation and provide substantial savings to middle-class families,” said Reconnecting America President John Robert Smith.

The proposal includes a National Infrastructure Bank that will provide a vehicle for the private sector to invest in infrastructure projects, to be selected through a rigorous review process so that the most meritorious projects will advance, regardless of size or location.

Reconnecting Americaʼs work in cities across the country has demonstrated the transformative power that investing in infrastructure can have on the economy, sustainability, and quality of life in our communities. The President has placed a timely focus on an issue that will help strengthen the economic viability of our nation.

“Americaʼs future ability to compete globally may well rest in our hands at this moment,” said Smith.