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Federal Funding Matrix Lists Sustainable Communities Grant Opportunities

Reconnecting America has compiled a Federal Funding Matrix, which provides a listing of possible funding sources for creating sustainable communities. The Funding Matrix displays funding opportunities for states, cities, local governments and organizations, among others, for planning, implementation, site acquisition, business development, development financing, and other eligible uses.

In working with our partners around the country, Reconnecting America noticed a lack of a comprehensive list of funding opportunities centered on sustainable communities. We compiled a matrix that would give organizations an easily accessible, extensive, and descriptive tool to find funding opportunities to suit their communities. The matrix provides funding opportunities both inside and outside of the Sustainable Communities Inter-Agency Partnership of HUD, EPA, and DOT, and lists opportunities from agencies such as the USDA, US Small Business Administration, and the Treasury Department.

This matrix shows that funding opportunities for sustainable communities are not limited to only a few agencies, but that funding stretches beyond traditional sources. Ultimately, Reconnecting America sought to categorize existing federal funding opportunities for communities to continue efforts to create complete and equitable communities.

In this fiscally constrained environment, communities have limited resources. We hope this funding matrix helps communities to create innovative funding models that will combine funds from various federal, state, regional, local, private and philanthropic sources. The funding matrix is meant to be a working document and will be updated as information becomes available.

Federal Funding Matrix