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Los Angeles Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit Sustainable Corridor Implementation Plan Released

Shortly after the opening of the Orange Line corridor extension to Chatsworth, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (“Metro”) released the Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Sustainable Corridor Implementation Plan (CIP).

This was a project for Metro with funding provided by the Southern California Association of Governments’ (SCAG) Compass Blueprint Program and the State of California Strategic Growth Council. Raimi + Associates led the team that put the plan together, in partnership with Reconnecting America and Nelson\Nygaard. City of Los Angeles Planning, Transportation, and Housing staff also participated in plan coordination.

As an implementation plan, no changes to regulations have been made. Instead the focus on the plan was to:

  • Identify strategies to better integrate transportation and land use decisions.
  • Identify transportation measures that support station‐area and community plans.
  • Prioritize staff time and resources to implement TOD‐related projects by determining where improvements will have the most positive impact.
  • Support implementation of Metro’s Sustainability Principles and SCAG’s Sustainable Communities Strategy.

In addition to other recommendations, the final plan identifies connectivity improvements that could be made at each of 14 stations on the corridor in order to facilitate safer conditions for pedestrians, bicyclists, and bus riders. The corridor plan provides information that could support combining these improvements into one infrastructure grant application, rather than a slower and potentially more costly, station-by-station approach.

“Despite the suburban nature of the San Fernando Valley generally, the plan identifies stations that have the opportunity for significant transformation, and that could be the focus of future station area planning or infrastructure investments,” said Reconnecting America’s Abigail Thorne-Lyman, who is director of the Center for Transit-Oriented Development. “This plan helps sort through a daunting number of stations to identify improvements that will help the Orange Line achieve the region’s sustainability goals.”

In addition to recommendations for corridor-wide improvements, the plan offers an in-depth profile of each of the 14 station areas and is designed to be a handy reference guide for planners seeking future TOD opportunities across the city's 113 existing and planned transit stations.

Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit Sustainable Corridor Implementation Plan