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Policy Brief Explores Economic Benefits Of Locating Affordable Housing Near Transit

Reconnecting America today released an eight-page policy brief that makes the economic case for locating affordable housing near transit.

The brief, entitled "Locating Affordable Housing Near Transit: A Strategic Economic Decision," explores the economic benefits of affordable housing and transit, the benefits of living near transit, and the efficiencies that come from bringing the two together.

“Affordable housing and transportation choices are essential to creating thriving communities,” said Sarah Kline, Reconnecting America’s policy director. “Not only do they benefit households, but they help to create successful economies by linking workers to jobs and consumers to businesses, resulting in fiscal benefits for local, state, and federal governments.”

The policy brief compiles recent research to demonstrate that one of the most economically efficient strategies for providing public services is to ensure that housing near public transportation is affordable to people with a range of incomes. The brief will help city and county leaders, transit agencies, housing advocates, and land use planners make better economic decisions about how to meet their communities’ needs and includes seven recommendations for policymakers at all levels of government on ways to promote preservation and creation of affordable housing near transit.

“In today’s tough fiscal times, bringing affordable housing and transit together is a win-win situation for transit agencies, metropolitan planning organizations and local governments,” Kline said.