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Senate Should Support Foxx Appointment As Secretary of DOT

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Statement of Reconnecting America President & CEO John Robert Smith on the Senate Commerce Committee's unanimous approval of Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx to become Secretary of the Department of Transportation
Anthony Foxx

Anthony Foxx

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx has been approved unanimously by the Senate Commerce Committee to be the next Secretary of Transportation and the full Senate should move quickly to give Mayor Foxx their full support.

Mayor Foxx will succeed out-going Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who has been a champion for transportation policies that benefit every American, whether they use roads, buses, rails, bicycles, or their own two feet to get where they need to go.

Foxx will bring an invaluable perspective on the needs of local governments to the federal department responsible for transportation policies that affect every American.   

I admire Foxx's strong stand on transit investment and his understanding of the role transportation choices play as the backbone of economic development and the creation of resilient cities and regions across the nation.

As a former mayor of Meridian, Miss., I know mayors must make things work, from water and sewer to police and fire and transportation. Endless debate is a luxury they can't afford. Mayors live in the real world of finding and implementing solutions to the challenges their citizens face.

Anthony Foxx will bring this problem-solving, can-do spirit to DOT and I look forward to the Senate's confirmation of his nomination.