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Statement of Reconnecting America President & CEO John Robert Smith on the US Senate's unanimous vote to approve Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx's appointment as Secretary of the Department of Transportation
Anthony Foxx

Anthony Foxx

I commend the US Senate for its unanimous vote to confirm Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx as the next Secretary of Transportation. Foxx will bring an invaluable perspective on the needs of local governments to the federal department responsible for transportation policies that affect every American.

Secretary Foxx understands that transportation comes in many modes, and that they're each integral to the economic strength of a region. As mayor, Foxx saw first-hand the role that transportation choices play as the backbone of economic development and the creation of resilient cities and regions. He made efficient and innovative transportation investment the centerpiece of Charlotte's job creation and economic recovery efforts.

Under Foxx's predecessor, Ray LaHood, the Department of Transportation partnered alongside the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Housing and Urban Development to address the interdisciplinary challenges of housing, employment, the environment and mobility. Foxx can be expected to continue this effort. As he stated in his confirmation hearing, "We also need investments and policies that promote opportunity, enhance quality of life, promote environmental sustainability, and reduce dependence on foreign oil."

Foxx faces a number of immediate issues as he takes the reins at the Department of Transportation, including the ongoing impact of the sequester and the Amtrak reauthorization. But Anthony Foxx will bring his problem-solving, can-do spirit to DOT and I look forward to the Department of Transportation continuing to champion transportation policies that benefit every American, whether they use roads, buses, rails, bicycles, or their own two feet to get where they need to go.