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Blogosphere: Arkansas Parking, Salt Lake Suburbia, California Sustainable Communities, Transpo Bill Critique, Charlotte Financing

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Blogosphere: Arkansas Surrounds Capital with Parking

Another day, another sad tale of government officials trying to cram as many parking spaces downtown as possible. Today's example is especially disappointing because what was standing in the way of 100 additional parking spaces near the state capitol in Little Rock, Arkansas were the sort of things that make cities nice: namely trees and sidewalks...

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Salt Lake: City's Leap from Suburban Nightmares


At the southwestern edge of Salt Lake City, tightly packed new homes run along gentle ridgelines. In the background, the snow-covered Wasatch Mountains catch puffs of cloud on a crisp autumn day...

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Blogosphere: Report Examines California's SCS

Climate Plan

On October 28th 2011, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) approved the first sustainable communities strategy (SCS) under Senate Bill 375, California's groundbreaking regional planning law. The plan was the subject of intense scrutiny by stakeholders, state agencies and others...

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Blogosphere: Conservative Critique of Transpo Bill 

Transportation Issues Daily

A free-market (some would say conservative) public policy group believes the transportation proposal from the House Republicans is "shortsighted."..

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Blogosphere: What is Cause and What is Effect?


Reihan Salam at NRO questions the Kotkin hypothesis, asking: "Are people choosing low-density metropolitan areas - or did rising prices in high-density metropolitan areas [like Marin County, in the Bay Area pictured -ed.] drive the population shift?"..

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Blogosphere: Education for Transportation

Eno Transportation Blog

For the most part, logistics without transportation is the sound of one hand clapping. And yet, academic interest in transportation has greatly declined. In myriad cases it has been replaced by the pursuit of mathematical models of logistics functions which, however, typically give short-shift to the transportation component of supply chain management...

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Blogosphere: Innovative Financing in Charlotte

The Transport Politic

In the case of Charlotte, necessity may be the mother of invention. Lacking sufficient revenues to construct the planned Red Line commuter railroad designed to connect Center City Charlotte with its northern suburbs, planners working for local transit agency CATS have developed a unique vision for its financing...

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Blogosphere: Bird's Eye View of Urbanization

The Polis Blog

China's urbanization is happening at a pace never seen before. In the last two decades, thousands of new developments have sprouted along the fringes of cities across China...

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Blogosphere: Urban Farming In the Bed of Your Truck 

The City Fix

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010, no state in the United States had a prevalence of obesity less than 20 percent. In fact, 36 states had a prevalence of 25 percent or more and 12 of these states had a prevalence of 30 percent or more...

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Blogosphere: Washington Drags Feet on Mileage Fees

DC Streetsblog

Oregon, true to its history as the first state to implement a gas tax, was also the first state to consider getting rid of it - in exchange for adopting a mileage-based system for highway funding...

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Blogosphere: Telling Builders to Go Green

The Atlantic Cities

In Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood, you can use the white brick smokestack of the Supply Laundry Building as a landmark to help find your way among boxy new condominiums and low glass office buildings...

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