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Blogosphere: Hartford Blogger, Florida Bike Sharing, Pro Transit Libertarians, Bay Bridge Bike Path, In Lieu Parking Fee, A Better Gas Tax

Blogosphere - In this section you'll find commentary, opinion and editorials from blogs and newspapers around the country. The opinions expressed in these blogs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Reconnecting America.

Blogosphere: Hartford Blogger Boosts 'Sad City'

Wall Street Journal

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra isn't the only one zeroing in on the sorry image of Connecticut's capitol city. Despite its downer of a name, the blog Sad City Hartford is also trying to champion Hartford as a city on the rise..

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Blogosphere: Broward B-Cycle Launches Today

Transit Miami

South Florida's second bike sharing program launches today, December 14th! After over a year of planning, permitting, bringing people on board with the concept, and even getting cities to pass new ordinances permitting advertising at their stations, B-Cycle is finally ready to roll out with 200 bikes and 20 stations...

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Blogosphere: All Good Libertarians Are Pro Transit

Keep Houston Houston

It constantly blows me away that rank and file (L)'s don't like trains. I can understand the REASON foundation or someone else who's getting a frackload of money from the oil companies, contractors, etc. But the rank and file?..

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Blogosphere: Engineers Unveil West Span Bike Path

SF Streetsblog

The long-sought addition of bicycle and pedestrian access across the length of the San Francisco Bay Bridge is one step closer to fruition. Last night, engineers presented the first design proposals for a pathway for bicyclists...

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Blogosphere: Approves Development With No Parking

Look Out News

Under a unique Development Agreement, the Santa Monica City Council voted Tuesday to require the developer of a Downtown housing project that provides no on-site parking to pay $125,000 for transit improvements...

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Blogosphere: Residents Love Cleveland, Developers?

Rust Wire

A demand for urban living is helping Cleveland's downtown achieve something like vibrancy. Whether it reaches its promise will depend on whether or not we can find people enough places to live...

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Blogosphere: Regional Bikeways Plan Update

Urban Indy

The Indy MPO has been working to create and update the regional bikeways plan for the Indianapolis area as part of the long range transportation plan through 2035. The proposal includes bike lanes, bike paths, greenways and other good times...

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Blogosphere: Building a Better Gas Tax


A new report is out from Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy Building a Better Gas Tax: How to Fix One of State Government's Least Sustainable Revenue Sources. I like the report and generally agree that increasing the gas tax, and building a better one, is appropriate as a short-term fix ..

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Blogosphere: TC's Cannibalistic Eco Dev Practices

TC Streets for People

Target Corp. confirmed this week that they will be moving 2,400 employees and 1,500 contractors from downtown Minneapolis to Brooklyn Park within the next two years into a new suburban office...

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Blogosphere: 1959 Film Warns of Sprawl 


The Urban Land Institute is clebrating their 75th birthday this year. To join in the celebration, enjoy this classic film warning of the perils of urban sprawl sponsered by them and the National Association of Home Builders. You can see their other videos on YouTube by going to their page...

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Blogosphere: Let California Show How It's Done

Huffington Post

Climate talks are moving more slowly than glaciers now, leading to a collective media yawn over last week's United Nations climate conference in Durban, South Africa. But at the end of a New York Times article, the California Air Resources Board earned a nod for doing "more to reduce carbon pollution in the United States than any other body."...

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Blogosphere: Pike Streetcar a Bargain vs Highways

Greater Greater Washington

The mainstream press holds transit projects to a higher cost-effectiveness standard than highways, as recent coverage of the proposed Columbia Pike streetcar demonstrates...

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Blogosphere: Village in the Cloud

Pop Up City

For some reason Dutch architects think that they must be provocative. Remember Rem Koolhaas's 'Fuck the Context', or plans like his CCTV Tower in Beijing and this hotel in Zaandam by WAM Architects that combines modern building principles and traditional lay-out...

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Blogosphere: How Tea Party is Upending Planning

The Atlantic Cities

In the spring of 1968, Jane Jacobs walked into a high school auditorium in the Lower East Side and addressed a rowdy crowd opposed to the Lower Manhattan Expressway, a 10-lane highway proposed by Robert Moses that would have blasted through what we now know as SoHo...

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Blogosphere: Debating Urban Transit Tax Credits


New Jersey's Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit provided $1.5 billion in incentives for 13 projects, garnering mixed opinions over the past two years. Intended to build communities a half mile from transit, some question if it even works...

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Blogosphere: Why Amend Consititution for TIF?

Seattle Transit Blog

The Washington State Legislature's special session will barely be over when their next regular legislative session starts next month. Among the many issues facing the legislature will be whether both chambers will muster the necessary a two-thirds vote to amend the Constitution to allow for Tax Increment Financing (TIF)...

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Blogosphere: Why Land Use Planning Matters

The Atlantic Cities

Earlier this fall, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) released a report that examines demographic, economic and environmental factors that are changing what will be built, where it will be built, and how it will be financed...

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