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Blogosphere: Bike Score, Evaluating TOD Justice, Census Change Impact, Form Based Code Value, Brazil Urban Development

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Blogosphere: Walk Score Releases Bike Score

Walk Score Blog

Just in time for Bike to Work Week, we are thrilled to launch Bike Score and our first ranking of the most bikeable U.S. cities. See how your city ranks and vote for your city to be next to get Bike Score...

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Blogosphere: TOD That Is Healthy, Green & Just

Seattle Transit Blog

Today Puget Sound Sage released a new report on Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the Rainier Valley. It outlines changes seen in the Valley over the last decade, makes an environmental and social equity arguments for a greater emphasis on affordable housing and living wage jobs in TOD, enumerating racial justice principles for TOD, and calls for urgent and aggressive actions and creation of tools necessary to achieve these principles...

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Editorial: Des Moines Should Push on with BRT

Des Moines Register

The Legislature's rejection of a $2 million request from Des Moines for a bus project was not unexpected. It was a long shot, since few members of the Legislature appreciate the need to invest in new public transportation alternatives...



Blogosphere: How to Navigate With No Street Names

The Atlantic Cities

To an outsider, Amman, Jordan, could seem nearly unnavigable. Until only two years ago, its streets were unlabeled and its buildings unnumbered. Even now, locals give direction by landmark, narrating the way over the phone or on hand-drawn maps...

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Blogosphere: Texting While Jaywalking Gets Big Ticket

Yahoo News

Avid texters beware: Fort Lee, N.J. police said they will begin issuing $85 jaywalking tickets to pedestrians who are caught texting while walking...

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Blogosphere: Tokyo's LED Fireflies

Per Square Mile

The Tokyo Hotaru Festival 2012 is a modern twist on the age-old Japanese love of watching fireflies along waterways. Some 100,000 blue LED light bulbs floated down the Sumida in imitation of the insects, long celebrated in haiku and other verse...

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Blogosphere: Wallpaper Stops Stolen WiFi

Atlantic Cities

Are the neighbors all hopping on your Wi-Fi like it's the city bus, causing your internet connection to smoke and drag? Too lazy to pick a good password to prevent this blatant thievery?..

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Blogosphere: How Would Ending Census Affect Work?


The U.S. House of Representatives last week voted to eliminate the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, in the latest move by this Congress to make ineffective government a self-fulling prophecy. ..

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Blogosphere: Economic Value of Form Based Codes


A common misconception is form-based codes are used primarily to improve the look and aesthetic feel of places. The Friday session at CNU 20 entitled "Form-Based Economic Development on Main Street" was eye-opening as to just how compelling the argument is that form-based codes are also a tool to create economic value...

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Blogosphere: Connecting Our "Life Sciences Triangle"

The Straight Line

On a recent trip to Savannah, we not only had a wonderful time - we learned a few unexpected things. There's more to the city than the beautiful downtown (with omnipresent SCAD buildings), there's the economy built on an infrastructure that allows Savannah to be the fourth busiest port in the country (according to our boat tour guide) linked to an extensive heavy rail system...

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Blogosphere: DC Baseball District Takes Off

NRDC Switchboard

The neighborhood near Nationals Park, the baseball stadium in southeastern Washington, DC, is undergoing an amazing transformation. A decade ago, the federal Department of Transportation had made a hopeful commitment to the area with plans for a new headquarters, but by and large this part of town remained a sketchy no-man's-land of outmoded and abandoned warehouses...

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Blogosphere: Portland Creep and Density Debate

Portland Transport

As most of you are aware, election day is Tuesday, May 15. Portland Afoot and others have thoroughly covered many of the races that are on the ballot, including the races for the open Metro council positions, the Portland city council, and the Portland mayoral race...

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Blogosphere: Brazil, Case Study for Urban Development

Urban Times

The Amazon Rainforest has been described as the "lungs of the earth." More than half of the oxygen-producing Amazon and its remarkable biodiversity are contained in Brazil, which also boasts 14% of the world's renewable fresh water and many natural resources including rare earth elements...

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Blogosphere: Venice, City? Museum? Amusement Park?

Next American City

I felt a sense of dread the moment I stepped off the train: That imprisoning feeling of being in the wrong place, with nowhere else to go. Of the 17 million people who visit Venice every year, I needed only an instant to realize that I did not want to be one of them...

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Editorial: The Battle for Westchester

New York Times

America has become far more diverse in the 44 years since the Fair Housing Act was passed, and many of the barriers that kept communities separate and unequal have eroded. But the fight against unlawful discrimination has not ended...

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