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Blogosphere: Bus Service Options, Long-Term Transit View, Glow-In-The-Dark Highways, Storm Impact On NY Subway

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Blogosphere: Combining Local & Express Bus in 1 Lane

Transport Politic

Last week, the New York City Department of Transportation announced that in the Bronx's planned Webster Avenue bus rapid transit corridor, buses will run in lanes along the side of the street - not in the median lanes previously being evaluated...

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Blogosphere: Transit, Going to Take a Long Time

Naked City Blog

The big picture may have gotten buried Tuesday as Charlotte City Council members chewed over, and chewed and chewed, different alternative revenue strategies that might enable the city to build the second leg of its proposed streetcar...

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Blogosphere: BRU Discusses No Vote For Measure J

LA Streetsblog

Framing the public debate on Measure J as between a progressive vision for regional mass transit expansion versus parochialism and anti-tax conservatism conveniently obscures several inconvenient truths about Measure J...

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Blogosphere: Dutch Highways Will Glow with Weather


A smart-road design that features glow-in-the-dark tarmac and illuminated weather indicators will be installed in the Netherlands from mid-2013...

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Blogosphere: Reserved Space for Buses and Bikes


As the flood waters recede from New York City, it looks like the effects of Hurricane Sandy are going to linger in the city's subway tunnels. MTA Chair Joe Lhota has called the storm the most devastating disaster to strike the subway system in its 108-year history...

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Blogosphere: Our Tulsa Transportation Future

Urban Tulsa

Expanding the range of transportation options in the Tulsa area will require a radically different approach to the traditional, auto-oriented facility planning and design strategies of the past which primarily focus on auto capacity and relieving traffic congestion...

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Blogosphere: What Sandy Teaches About Built Environs

Sustainable Industries

The profession of Design is about to drastically change. If you're an architect, engineer, planner or builder, the way you build is about to undergo some radical new transformations...

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Blogosphere: What Permanent Storm Surges Look Like

The Atlantic Cities

From what we know at this point, it looks like Sandy caused a storm surge of up to 13 feet in some parts of New York City, like the tip of Manhattan. That's like two basketball players' worth of extra water...

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Blogosphere: How Does Urban Growth Affect Infra Cost

Price Tags

Guess what: the infrastructure needs of a rapidly growing population can often overwhelm the capacity of a city. Not news...

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Blogosphere: We Need Garden Suburbs, Not Cities

Guardian UK Housing Network

Over 100 years since the phrase was first coined, "garden cities" are back in vogue and touted as the solution to our housing crisis. And who could argue with that? A city in a garden? Like disagreeing with motherhood and apple pie...

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Blogosphere: Advertisement for Undergrounding Wires

Urban Places and Spaces

I was involved in this issue starting around 2003, when I was on H Street Main Street and in the streetscape planning process I advocated for including electricity connections in treeboxes (or on light poles) to support festivals and such..

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Blogosphere: Norman Bel Geddes and Streamlining

Witold Rybczynski

Norman Bel Geddes (1893-1958) is the subject of a new book. We don't think of Bel Geddes as the designer of an iconic product as are his contemporaries Walter Dorwin Teague (the Kodak Brownie), Raymond Loewy (the International Harvester tractor), Henry Dreyfuss (the classicBell telephone handset), or Eliot Noyes (the IBM Selectric typewriter)...

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Blogosphere: Planning the Way Forward

RWJF Built Environment and Public Health

Complete streets, mass transit and active communities were the buzzwords at a well-attended APHA session on Tuesday, dealing with the role of planning and built environment to improve health outcomes...

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